who is behind the after?

David Hachez is a technology passionate. He remembers the first time he started designing on an Apple Macintosh 512k (back in 1985) rather than playing on a Commodore 64.

David started his professional career in the internet world in June 1999, just before the Dot-com Bubble crash. He has worked at various companies such as @dnet Belgium – a subsidiary of Rossel Group (as sales representative), Digital Age Design / LBi (as emarketer), Mediaedge:cia (as on & off line media planner & buyer), Microsoft (pre-sales and coaching) and Duval Guillaume (digital strategist), in order to have enough experience to set-up in 2009 the thriving and challenger eCommerce brand: Raz*War. He also launched a spin-off company from UCL in 2014, raising half a million Euro in a first round: Emolytics, a technology that brings valuable insights to companies based on people’s emotions.

The After is David’s own consulting firm. He is now evolving as a business consultant, coaching entrepreneurs in their adventures. He is also cooking a few entrepreneurship projects. He is a lecturer in business schools (Solvay Entrepreneurs, Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management, ICHEC, ECS Brussels, EFP, Crea Genève) and often participates in entrepreneurship programs (StartUp Weekends, Founder Institute, MIC Boostcamp).

David studied Marketing & Communication at IHECS in Brussels combining academic knowledge (economics, sociology, history, psychology, etc.) with a strong practical dive into the great world of media (photography, graphic design, video techniques, audio mixing & editing, script writing and many more). He owns an International Executive MBA from the Louvain School of Management.