David Hachez is a technology passionate. He remembers the first time he started designing on an Apple Macintosh 512k (back in 1985) rather than playing on a Commodore 64.

David started his professional career in the internet world in June 1999, just before the Dot-com Bubble crash. He has worked at various companies such as @dnet Belgium – a subsidiary of Rossel Group (as sales representative), Digital Age Design / LBi (as e-marketer), Mediaedge:cia (as on & off line media planner & buyer), Microsoft (pre-sales and coaching) and Duval Guillaume (digital strategist), in order to have enough experience to set-up in 2009 the thriving and challenger eCommerce brand: Raz*War. He also co-foundeda spin-off company from UCL in 2014, raising half a million Euro in a first round: Emolytics, a technology thatbrings valuable insights to companies based on people’s emotions.

The After is David’s own consulting firm. He is now evolving as a business consultant, coaching entrepreneurs in their adventures. He is also cooking a few entrepreneurship projects.He is a lecturer in business schools (Solvay Entrepreneurs, Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management, IHECS,ICHEC, ECS Brussels, EFP, CREA Genève) and professional organisations like STIMA. Heoften participates in entrepreneurship programs (StartUp Weekends, Founder Institute, MIC Boostcamp). David Hachez is also an administrator of BMMA (Belgian Marketing & Management Association) and Feweb (Federation of Web Professionals).

David studied Marketing & Communication at IHECS in Brussels combining academic knowledge (economics, sociology, history, psychology, etc.) with a strong practical dive into the great world of media (photography, graphic design, video techniques, audio mixing & editing, script writing and many more).He owns an International Executive MBA from the Louvain School of Management.