Thank you to our members and our 24 sponsors who contributed to a great year in 2016:

• 50+ activities
• 1,500+ engaged contacts
• 9,000+ marketers’ community

Let’s make 2017 even more inspiring together !

The BMMA team.

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An association of professionals sharing their knowledge and experiences in every aspect of marketing and management.


The BMMA was formed in 1971 on the initiative of Jean Quatresooz and Dan Cukier. After Freddy Tacheny who has chaired the association since 2001, following on from Philippe Biltiau (marketing consultant and lecturer at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management) who was chairman from 1993 to 2000, Yves Gérard is currently the association’s President.

From its earliest days, the BMMA has sought to be a place that promotes meetings and exchanges of information touching on all aspects of MANAGEMENT, COMMUNICATION and MARKETING and to increase professionalisation of these sectors.

The flagship events of the association have since 1971 been the dinner-discussions held ten times each year.

Today the BMMA has some 1,500 members.


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